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A Slow Winter Walk with Sue Brunskill & Karen Retra

Thu 27 Jul, 2023 | 9:00 am - 11:00 am

Join passionate naturalists Sue Brunskill and Karen Retra for a slow nature walk in the Baranduda environmental lands.

Come exploring with Sue and Karen and be inspired by their knowledge and enthusiasm for nature from wildflowers, insects and fungi to trees, birds and wildlife. We’ll compare what we find with our Autumn seasonal walk – you’ll be amazed at what’s changed in a few short months.

Where: Meet at the Baranduda Link Access point on Boyes Rd 
Google Map link:

What to expect: Expect to focus on the ‘slow’ and ‘nature’ rather than the walk – exercise is not the priority! With all the bush preparing for spring and plenty of winter wonders to be found.
Please be aware that we will be walking on slopes, on a natural, unpaved and possibly wet surface.

What to bring: Please bring your water bottle, wear covered shoes and dress for the weather. Welcome to bring your camera, binoculars etc.

Registration prior to the event is essential for communication, safety and insurance purposes. REGISTER HERE