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Wodonga Diamonds – Red & White Go Green

By Kelly Cartwright, Wodonga Diamonds Football Club President 

The Wodonga Diamonds Football (soccer) Club (WDFC) are leading the way in implementing energy and water saving infrastructure to combat climate change and save dollars along the way.

The WDFC, through Sustainability Victoria, have been awarded a grant to implement and monitor energy saving projects at the home of the Diamonds – La Trobe University Wodonga.

Infrastructure at the Riverina’s premier soccer facility will be significantly improved by two 110,000 litre water tanks and sensor lighting in all changerooms, along with external solar powered spotlights.

The club first looked at such grants because of the serious drought we found ourselves in just a year ago.  Although there seems to be abundant water now, the uncertainty of our merciless weather patterns, forced us to be prepared for what may be around the corner.  The upward spiralling cost of electricity due to our ground lighting and changeroom lights being left on all day whether they were being used or not, seemed a waste of money and resources.

The Northeast area liaison officer for Sustainability Victoria, Ann Roberts, works closely with successful grant applicants to assist them in delivering their projects and educating the local population in energy awareness and ways in which we can all work to reduce the use of our natural resources.

The WDFC aims to guide and encourage its members and visitors to be more energywise and also hopes that other sporting clubs in the area will look at adopting similar projects through the various government grants available.

The WDFC participated in the annual La Trobe University Sustainability Fair on the 21st of August, a great opportunity for us to showcase our efforts and spread the message of fostering a healthier environment.  We ran a tour of the facility on this day to explain how we have worked through the grant process and how much of an impact the improvements will have on our bottom line.  We would encourage all clubs to look into applying for a grant to foster the growth of their club and the health of the environment.

Live a little more lightly yourself – Make it a priority to reduce your carbon footprint today.  It’s the small gestures of earth kindness that add up. 

This project is supported by Sustainability Victoria.