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The Challenges of Caring

By Glenn Wilson, Tallangatta Valley 

Most of us would like a better life.  However, what some people perceive as a ‘better life’ is not truly sustainable.  Energy and resources are used in a discretionary way, which often means that they are wasted.

‘Sustainability’ –it’s a word that’s on many people’s lips and on the minds of those who care about the planet Earth.   We live in a changing and challenging world, and to be able to respond, rather than react to the future we face individually and collectively, we must put thought and effort into creating a truly sustainable future for all life on Earth.

Caring for our environment, our fellow humans and the future of humanity can be very challenging.  Given the current political environment, which the media seems obsessively focussed on, these challenges can seem overwhelming.

Frustration, anger, despair, disillusionment and hopelessness are words often used by people who are getting tired of the battle between what they perceive is the correct line of action and those who seem to have inordinate and ill directed amounts of power and influence.

Do you feel this way sometimes?

If you do, you are definitely not alone.  A good way of overcoming these feelings is to talk with others who feel similarly and perhaps to be a part of a local, home grown program in maintaining a healthy state of mind and spirit, collectively and individually.  Discussions with people who feel similarly could centre around what ‘future scenarios’ do we see for ourselves, our country, our environment, our world and the future of humanity.  Which ones are we focussed on and how do they affect us now, today?

Rather than being reactive to all that is against what we believe is right, or what we feel is needed, it’s time to be proactive to look after ourselves, our fellow humans, our community, our environment and reflect on just how much good there is in the world today and how great our lives really are.

To take the challenges of caring head-on and be really effective in maintaining a positive outlook on our lives, it may be very helpful if you could circulate and share this idea with anyone you think who might feel this way.   Get together over a cuppa, talk things through, share ideas and ideologies and give gratitude for all that we have and can do.