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RAW Energy

By Michelle Wilkinson, Green Waste Diversion Officer, City of Wodonga


Are we witnessing a revolution in energy supply and renewable energy sources?  Renewable energy technologies aren’t new but more and more communities right across Australia and the world are utilising the power of community to drive exciting projects that could make some places independent or less reliant on traditional energy supply systems and sources.  Even in our local area Totally Renewable Yackandandah (TRY) has a goal of 100% renewable energy supply for the village by 2022!

The Albury-Wodonga area experiences some of the best sunlight hours in the world, making solar a great option, but what if you didn’t own a property or your business or organisation still wanted to participate in exciting new projects locally?

Renewable Albury-Wodonga (RAW Energy) is a newly formed community group that wants to explore the potential of community renewable energy projects.  These types of projects don’t just spring up without a diverse range of support, skills and commitment which is why community based projects can work so well – across our diverse local businesses, organisations and residents there is an amazing array of skills, experience and interest locally.  RAW Energy wants to harness community power!

Community renewable energy projects aim to:

  • Promote the community benefits of renewable energy;
  • Identify key stakeholders to scope and drive renewable energy projects;
  • Identify cost-effective renewable projects;
  • Strengthen our local community;
  • Share the financial benefits locally;
  • Increase the share of renewable energy in the regional energy mix;
  • Ensure on-going community-driven investment in renewable energy; and
  • Stabilise carbon emissions

To find out more and participate in the conversation why not join us on Thursday 12 November at The Cube Wodonga to hear all about other areas community renewable energy projects, the different financial models that can be used to establish and fund projects and chat about what could be achieved locally.  RAW will also continue the conversation over breakfast, Friday 13 November, Huon Hill hotel.

These are free community events but RSVP is essential for catering purposes.  Please go to wod.city/RAWforum2015 or The Cube website.  Follow Renewable Albury Wodonga on facebook and LinkedIn.

The RAW Energy community conversation is taking place as part of 2015 Sustainable Living Week, wod.city/slw2015 for more information about other events.