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National Recycling Week 2017

By Penny Collis, Halve Waste

We love November! Aside from the much-improved weather (and let’s face it, associated mood), November is when two of our favourite events occur.

Between Monday 13th November and Sunday 19th November, National Recycling Week is held and we will be busy hosting tours of the Albury Waste Management Centre and highlighting the incredible changes they have made in their endeavour to halve the waste to landfill by 2020. This is a great opportunity to see first-hand what happens to the waste we generate in our community and what is being accepted for recycling locally. If you would like the opportunity to attend a tour, the community tours on Wednesday 15th November are a must! Please contact Halve Waste (education@halvewaste.com.au) to see if there are any vacancies left.

November is also the month of Albury Wodonga’s Sustainable Living Festival. The festival highlights how we can use resources today in a way that preserves their supplies for the future. We will be attending the Sustainable Living Fair on the 18th November from 9am-1pm at Junction Square, Wodonga, and will be on hand to provide information and tips to interested residents for reducing, reusing and recycling. On display, we will have a fantastic range of reusable products that are clever alternatives to disposable items……for example, who knew there are reusable alternatives to baking paper, plastic straws, cling wrap, make up removers, disposable nappies and menstrual products?! We will even have a prize draw to enter to win some reusable items for your home.

Looking beyond the month of November, we also offer free school waste education, community group presentations and information and advice to all Halve Waste Council residents, because we realise the world of recycling and waste reduction can be confusing at times! Did you know, for example, that disposable coffee cups go in the red-lidded bin, plastic biscuit trays in recycling and newspapers in either the organics or recycle bin?   Feel free to visit us – we are located at the Sustainable Living Centre (The SAC) on the Causeway or email us at education@halvewaste.com.au

Our take home message for the month is that environmental sustainability doesn’t mean living without luxuries, but rather being aware of your resource consumption, alternative options and reducing unnecessary waste where possible.