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Living Lightly in Albury Wodonga

By Bruce Key, Wodonga Albury Towards Climate Health (WATCH)

If there was ever a great place to live lightly it is north-east Victoria.  Because I live in Wodonga, this article will be based around Albury-Wodonga but similar comments could be made about other towns in our area.

Aside from the normal sporting facilities that are available in most locations, we have the Murray River which is a wonderful asset.  For instance, during the summer about a dozen or so friends meet on Sunday evenings in Norieul Park in the late afternoon.  We take our meals with us and simply enjoy the coolness, the company and perhaps a swim.

Another way to enjoy the river is to ride a bike along it.  The bike paths are wonderful.  Once I have crossed the road immediately outside my house, I can ride all the way to Wonga Wetlands without crossing a road.  Much of the route is alongside the river and it is always a very enjoyable experience.

A special gem in Albury is the Botanic Gardens, especially if you visit on the six occasions per year when Music in the Gardens is provided by Albury City Council with the sponsorship of JohnsonsMME.  These events are held on Sunday afternoons and feature a range of different guest artists from various locations.

While speaking about cultural experiences mention needs to be made of the many galleries and museums with MAMA at the top of the list.  Between them they provide a continually changing series of exhibitions across all aspects of visual arts. Not to be overlooked is Block 19, the Bonegilla Migrant Experience which is quite moving.

Farther afield we have Mt Buffalo with literally dozens of spectacular walks with superb views.  There is also Falls Creek which is great to visit in the winter when there is snow but also in the summer when the snow is replaced by wildflowers.  On the way to Falls Creek is Bogong Village, set beside Lake Guy.  It is possible to walk around Lake Guy in about an hour, including walking through to concrete slab and buttress wall.   You can also picnic in a delightful park at the top end of the lake.

The common themes in the above are that except for some petrol, everything is free and you will be living lightly.