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Humane Food is on the Menu in Albury/Wodonga

By Lexley Sewell, RSPCA Albury 

In this era of the fair trade, organic soy chai skinny latte, it’s easy to see where consumer preferences are taking us. At home, and when eating out, people are increasingly choosing food that is produced ethically; be it better for farmers, the environment, animal welfare or simply better for business. 

The RSPCA is finding that people not only want food that’s fresh, healthy and tasty – they want to know it comes from animals that are treated better too. In fact, the RSPCA’s market research has revealed that two thirds of people prefer to eat higher welfare food. 

The RSPCA’s Choose Wisely initiative aims to improve the lives of Australia’s farm animals by creating demand for higher welfare food in the café and restaurant sector. 

Choose Wisely encourages consumers to ask restaurants and cafes to put humane food on the menu and in turn acknowledges these businesses for making this important commitment by promoting them online at www.choosewisely.org.au.

Some businesses start with cage-free eggs and others have grown to include higher welfare pork and chicken as well. Over 400 businesses across Australia are now registered with Choose Wisely – encouraging the demand for higher welfare farming. That’s good news for business and for animal welfare.

Choose Wisely is free to join and it’s a great way for cafes and restaurants to show customers their commitment to serving not just good food but food that is good for animals too. We can all enjoy bacon and eggs for breakfast and still care about the animals that provide them.

RSPCA NSW Albury Branch members are encouraging the Albury/Wodonga community to learn more about farm animal welfare and the RSPCA’s Choose Wisely program by visiting their stand at the Farmers Market on the Lincoln Causeway, Wodonga on Saturday 18th August between 9am & noon. 

Come down to the markets and learn how you can help Albury/Wodonga get more humane food on the menu and also to say hello to ‘Jazz’ the Pig – he’s sure to tell you that humane farming is the way of the future!

For further information contact: Lexley Sewell | 0427 221 997, or visit www.choosewisely.org.au