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Have a Happy Holiday at Home

By Ian Longfield, Transition Towns Albury Wodonga

Living lightly means considering holidaying locally. The allure to travel far away is always tempting, but depending on your mode of transport it can be very carbon intensive, require a hefty budget and the travel time of sitting in a car or aeroplane can eat into the time you have to relax.

Todays busy schedules can also make it difficult to find a block where the whole family can get away together for an extended time, so short breaks are becoming more popular. Collapsing in front of the TV for a few days is one option to avoid travelling, but taking a fresh approach to the local attractions we have within easy reach is an alternative that can be just as rewarding with a bit of thought and forward planning.

For lots of people, especially families, holidays are the times to shake up the routine, seek out new adventures, unwind and get away from work and school pressures. Choosing to have a local holiday means planning in all those activities that you would have done on your exotic location holiday, so you feel like you’re re-charged and refreshed, not just sat around the house and wasted your time off.

Approach a local holiday as you were a first time visitor. How many of our local attractions have you never been to or experienced? How many local restaurants have you never eaten in? How many shows, sporting events or festivals have you never attended but always thought sound like an interesting outing?

Maybe you have even wondered what it’s like to stay in some of our local hotels or bed and breakfasts? Well just because you live here doesn’t mean you can’t stay there a night or two and enjoy the wonderful hospitality. Spend the money you save on travel costs on local food and wines or splash out on a massage or take a yoga class.

There are hundreds of things going on locally and you can find out more by visiting the new Albury Tourist Information Centre at the trains station or The Gateway Island Tourist information centre on the Causeway.

For your next ‘stay at home’ holiday, a little planning can make it just as exciting, relaxing and fulfilling as travelling away. It can also be cheaper, easier, less stressful, help our local economy and reduce your carbon footprint.