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Living Lightly column

Food For Thought

By Lauriston Muirhead, Albury Wodonga Towards Climate Health (WATCH)

Food Recipe

  • Seed
  • Sunlight
  • Water
  • Soil
  • Air

Mix above ingredients gently together in the correct proportions (follow specific instructions on seed packets) in a comfortable place for several weeks.  When ready, harvest, prepare, serve and eat.

This old favourite recipe for life has been passed down from generation to generation (of various life forms) for the last three billion years.

After the tiny packet of energy in the seed is used up making the first leaves, the truly wonderful process of photosynthesis takes over and makes all plant growth possible.  Photo means light and synthesis means bringing together.  The light provides the energy to bring together the other ingredients.  This is how solid plant material (moss, grass, vegetables, herbs, trees etc.) is created out of liquid water and the gases of the air using the power of the sun.  It is no wonder that before the scientific process started to unlock the secret wonders of photosynthesis, plant growth was assumed to be caused by magic or some God or other.

I strongly recommend the above recipe.  It is fantastic for physical health, mental health, gut health, spiritual health, garden health, environmental health and the health of the planet. Everything we eat is from plants or animals that ate plants.

As science continues to reveal the beautiful complexities of plant growth, the delicacy of the whole process is reinforced.  Too much or too little of any of the ingredients can destroy the bountiful harvest. While generations before us did not understand the science, they certainly understood the need to nurture the earth and only take what it can spare.  Those that did not understand this died out!  We have so much more to learn both from our ancestors and from future science.

If you find yourself feeling down, plant something.  At the very least, it will help distract you from your worries.  It will do you and the world a power of good.

If you are a novice, start with some herbs.  If you are forgetful, buy one of those little watering devices with a “frequency” dial and a “duration” dial.  Attach it to a tap and an irrigation hose and dial up how much water you want and when e.g. 5 minutes every 24 hours.  Easy and fun!

Happy growing.