Thurgoona Community Action Group

Thurgoona Community Action is a group of people that represents the Thurgoona – Wirlinga community, ensuring and advocating for future development in the region that is balanced and beneficial through:-
1. Being a representative body for associated Thurgoona organisations
2. Engagement with relevant organisations e.g. Albury City Council
3. Timely assessment and review of applicable documents and plans e.g. Thurgoona Wirlinga Precinct Structure Plan, Development Applications
4. Advocacy to ensure a sustainable balance between development and the environment including; protection of native and remnant vegetation, riparian zones, forward tree plantings and significant trees; management of pest plants and pest animals
5. Ensuring the future health of the Thurgoona region’s water catchment systems.
6. Promotion of liveability, healthy lifestyle choices and amenity
7. Provision of an integrated transport system and infrastructure
8. Provision of sustainable energy sources for the Thurgoona region.
“To ensure that future development in the Thurgoona district is implemented in accordance with the stated vision and spirit of the Thurgoona-Wirlinga Precinct Structure Plan.”
Action Plan
1. Early engagement with Albury City Council at the beginning of the planning and development process in Thurgoona.
2. Re-assessment of future developments & zoning to align with the stated vision & spirit of the Thurgoona-Wirlinga Precinct Structure Plan.
3. Establish significant limitations on the removal of native vegetation including remnant vegetation, riparian zones, forward tree plantings & significant trees in order to prevent loss of biological diversity