Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden, Wodonga West Primary School

We are the only school in Wodonga to operate a Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden. Students in Year 3-6 have fortnightly classes in the garden (45 mins) with a garden specialist and 1.5 hours in the Kitchen with a Kitchen Specialist. This program embodies the vision of Australia’s renown chef and author Stephanie Alexander “to develop life-long healthier and happier eating habits in a new generation of Australians by engaging them in growing, harvesting, preparing and sharing delicious and healthy food at primary school”.

Our garden is now huge, feeding 200 students each fortnight, and incorporates garden beds, orchard, shaded outdoor area, water tanks and composting facilities. It is continually evolving.

This program is heavily reliant on volunteers and we have developed a successful Volunteer Induction Program as we highly value our community and parent volunteers who support our students in their learning – though we are always looking for more volunteers! Please contact us if you would like to volunteer in our SAKG.