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RAW Energy – Renewable Albury Wodonga Energy

RAW Energy is a community-based group that seeks to drive growth in local electricity generation through increased uptake of renewable energy.

Community Renewable Energy 

Many communities across Australia and abroad are investigating different types of community driven projects, recognising the desire across all sectors to increase access to renewable energy and also to the variety of skills involved in establishing such projects.

The objectives of Community Renewable Energy are to:

  • Promote the community benefits of renewable energy
  • Identify key stakeholders to scope and drive renewable energy projects
  • Identify cost-effective renewable projects
  • Strengthen our local community
  • Share the financial benefits locally
  • Increase the share of renewable energy in the regional energy mix
  • Ensure on-going community-driven investment in renewable energy

These objectives are key to achieving social, economic and environmental outcomes, including: strengthened community connections; reduced energy costs for households, community groups and business; robust and cost-effective financing models; and reduced regional carbon footprint.

Check our website here:  www.renewablealburywodonga.com.au

Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rawenergyinc