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North East Regional Sustainability Alliance (NERSA)

Who is NERSA?

The North East Regional Sustainability Alliance (NERSA) is a network of community sustainability groups which acts collaboratively with communities, agencies and organisations across the region to:

‘promote sustainability across North East Victoria by acting as a hub for coordination and collaboration between community groups and others with focus on sustainability in our region and nationally.’

The North East has a unique capacity to provide sustainable solutions because of our endowments in:

  • Natural resources, water and biodiversity;
  • Renewable energy sources;
  • Productive food systems; and
  • Adaptive and innovative communities.

Our key directions:

  • Act as a catalyst for sustainability action by bringing together the community and linking with and building on efforts of existing environmental groups.
  • Raise awareness of climate change, its effects and mitigation.
  • Positive advocacy for change.
  • Move toward renewable energy sources.
  • Promote sustainable living by encouraging the use of sustainable goods and services and reducing consumption.
  • Ensure natural resource management that protects and enhances our water, soils, minerals, landscapes and biodiversity.
  • Develop sustainable food systems.
  • Provide a forum for discussing opportunities and challenge.


Jenny Davies   jdjbdavies@gmail.com

Yack Sustainability
Matthew Charles-Jones  mattc_j@bigpond.com

Beechworth Urban Landcare and Sustainability (BULS)
Nicki Munro nickimunro2010@gmail.com

Wangaratta Sustainability Network (WSN)
Rowan O’Hagan  rowanohagan@bigpond.com

Benalla Sustainable Future Group
John Lloyd andrewslloyd@dragnet.com.au