Murray Landcare Collective

Murray Landcare Collective comprises community based, not for profit, landcare, agriculture, producer and environmental groups in the Murray region of New South Wales.

We have a focus on learning together through collective interaction and using our entrepreneurial skills to improve our resource base to deliver better natural resource management, sustainable agriculture and rural community development.

There are about 70 groups in Murray Landcare Collective with over 2,000 members focusing on a diverse range of topics including wildlife and threatened species, food supply chain models, revegetation and habitat conservation, engaging in nature, creating occupational opportunities, riparian and soil management, farming best practices (eg. livestock, grazing, irrigation, dryland cropping, rangelands management and business skills) and mental health and resilient rural communities.

The Murray Landcare Collective relies on a comprehensive communications network, and values strategic engagement for investment and participation and community development to increase groups’ capacity to realise their aspirations.It has been intrinsic in the development of capacity in Landcare in the Murray Region with group development, memberships and activity growing.

This project is delivered by Holbrook Landcare Network, with support from the NSW Government’s Landcare Program 2019-2023  in partnership with Landcare NSW and Local Land Services.