Indigo Shire Youth for Climate Action

Indigo Shire Youth for Climate Action (ISYCA) brings together young people from around Indigo Shire and North East Victoria to connect and act on the challenge of our Climate Emergency. We raise up the voices of young people, including young First Nations Australians, in our community. We aim to:

  1. Create: build a network of local young people and facilitate discussion on climate issues.
  2. Connect: act as a contact point for organisations and decision-makers such as our local Council to reach out to young people to communicate about important issues like the climate emergency, while also helping local young people feel comfortable in reaching out to others in the community about their concerns and ideas.
  3. Educate: provide local young people with opportunities to learn more about climate and environmental issues, as well about local government processes; and support young people to educate our community about the climate emergency and sustainable living.
  4. Act: provide a space, capacity building opportunities, and encouragement for local young people to develop and enact their own plans of action on climate and environmental issues.