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Change the Dream

By Shae Gillmartin     Shae is a Change the Dream facilitator

Environmental and sustainability issues have been explored, researched and publicised to illustrate it is time to change the impact humans are having on this earth. I feel passionate and inspired by the hard facts to live lightly, consume less, cycle more rather than use the car and grow a productive garden.

However, there appeared to be something missing in the solutions of science and ‘fixing’ through action.  In order to change there also needs to be world-wide thinking of connection, community, kindness, resilience and well-being. These need to rise alongside science to compliment knowledge and facts and complete the solutions for change.

These are just some of the issues that are explored in the Change the Dream philosophy.  The purpose of this philosophy is to ‘bring forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just human presence on our planet’.

If you are keen to explore what this means for you and to be part of a growing world-wide movement, then come and attend a symposium on Saturday the 20th of November. The symposium covers aspects of sustainability, social justice and well-being and shows that all aspects are actually connected. It takes participants through experiencing and feeling the real crisis that our earth is in and that it is urgent that we act now. The symposium is facilitated by trained volunteers and uses powerful audio-visual presentations and small group discussions to find out the purpose for each participant.  It empowers people through hope and inspiration, demonstrating that the purpose is achievable and leads them into action, practices or a way of being to make changes in their own lives and communities.

The symposium will cover 4 essential questions:
1. Where are we?
2. How did we get here?
3. What possible for the future/ now?
4. Where do we go from here?
It then concludes by bringing the participants together to ‘get into action’, whether that be large or small.

Details: Change the Dream Symposium
When: Saturday the 20th of November 2010
Where: Mitta Mitta Canoe Club, Noreuil Park Albury
Time: 10am-3pm
Fee: $30 full $15 concession (no one refused if unable to afford fee)

Contact: Shae Gillmartin 0427 158 898

For more information about Change the Dream visit http://www.changingthedream.org.au