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I talk to the trees

| community, nature

By John Whale I met Wally early one morning while I was walking around Willow Park, after having moved down to Wodonga, just two and half years ago. I instantly recognised his foliage and we immediately formed a close personal bond because he too had recently moved down from the same region as I had, …

There’s something better than the old ‘normal’

| community, health, nature

By Chris McGorlick In times of crisis, governments of all persuasions are wont to encourage citizens to focus on the future and the response to the crisis, rather than the circumstances that led us there in the first place. The words ‘now is not the time’ have been used so frequently in response to shootings in America, and …

Fleeing from climate danger

| climate change, community

By Alan Hewett and Joan Jones We are climate change refugees. That of course is an exaggeration but has a semblance of truth. My partner and I lived in the Indigo Valley for eighteen years on a 53 hectare property that had a covenant on the title to protect the native vegetation. Although we were …

An emergency in every sense

| climate change, community

By Lauren Salathiel, Chris McGorlick, Kirsten Coates and Richard Nunn (Yackandandah) We’ve just returned from the National Climate Emergency Summit in Melbourne, a meeting of scientists, citizens, activists, Indigenous leaders, politicians across the spectrum, journalists, students and non-government organisations. The common ground among these people was their recognition of the climate emergency we’re facing …

Put out the fires with tears

| climate change, community, energy, nature

By Stephen Routledge I cry at the lack of understanding there is for our natural world. The millions of Australians living in our cities; this detachment from country. Fear of the burning bush, fear of being alone, fear of being out of touch with the chat, fear of loosing one’s image, fear of fear itself. …

Overcome anxiety by taking action

| climate change, community, health, nature

By Dr Juliette Milbank

As I sit here at my desk, with the blind down keeping out the heat, I’m feeling what many are probably feeling: a tightness in my chest and throat, a pervasive feeling of worry and uncertainty.

I can forget them sometimes, and I’ll bury myself in a task …

Lighting the spark for climate action

| climate change, community, nature

By Lauren Salathiel The climate science is indisputable and it’s writ large across our skies in smoke and embers. Whether your community has been affected by fire, or choked by smoke, what has become clear this week is that we can no longer afford to watch on as our national leaders fumble with inadequate pseudo-responses …

Repair Cafe’s ‘most popular’ listing

| community, waste

By Lizette Salmon, Coordinator Repair Cafe Albury-Wodonga If Time can publicise its 100 most influential people, Cleo its 50 eligible bachelors and Forbes its rich list, we think it’s time for Repair Cafe Albury-Wodonga to publish its 10 ‘most popular’. On the eve of our fourth birthday we’re revealing everything from our most popular item …

A tale of two grapefruit

| At home, community, food

By Graham Parton Recently as an aspiring ethical shopper I faced a choice between two grapefruits on sale at the local food co-op. This is a magnet for the locals who want to support local growers and buy food that is not from “factory farms.” The first grapefruit was from a local farm and was …

Character attacks fail to silence climate voices

| climate change, community, nature

By Alan Hewett It seems ironic that while the Australian Prime Minister was in Washington being wined and dined by a man who thinks that climate change is a Chinese invention, Greta Thunberg was in New York at the centre of a global protest against government inaction to address the problem. Greta’s single-minded protest galvanised …