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Adani and Westpac

By Tracey Esler 

The earth is one big living, breathing, interconnected entity. The Great Barrier Reef is like the canary in the coalmine and it’s seriously ill. Our very own Westpac Bank may well put the final nail in the Reef’s coffin if they lend money for the proposed Adani Carmichael coal mine in Queensland. Will you help us stop Westpac?

This massive mine is disastrous on many fronts. The burning coal from the mine will, single-handedly, completely nullify the government’s entire Direct Action climate policy and significantly impact global temperatures, affecting not only the Reef but our entire planet.

To expand the associated Abbot Point port, millions of tonnes of seabed adjacent to the Reef will be dredged and dumped in this World Heritage area. The mine requires 12 billion litres of water annually and it’s very possible it will dry up springs and completely drain critical sections of the great Artesian Basin.

The mine operator, Adani, has an appalling track record of corruption and environmental vandalism. Twelve major international banks have refused to fund their Queensland project. They realise Adani is untrustworthy and the mine will become a stranded asset due to falling global coal demand. Adani needs the support of one of our big four banks. NAB has refused a loan and the Commonwealth and ANZ have made similar noises. But Westpac is staying mum. Could Westpac become the straw that breaks the camel’s back? The point of no return for our Reef and the planet?

As a mother of four and grandmother-to-be, I’m concerned for our future generations. They’ll ask us why the Reef has died, why we have such violent storms, parched land and raging fires. I picture a bleak future because we didn’t take action when we had the chance.

We can’t let Westpac lend money to Adani. Westpac’s ignored hundreds of letters, so we need to visit them in person. Join me, my family, friends and colleagues, speakers including Dr Rosie Saxton, members of GetUp!, WATCH, 350.org, Albury Greens and Market Forces in a peaceful protest. This is not a criticism of the Albury branch and its lovely staff. But we need to let them know what we think of Adani’s mine. We must act now!

Details: 1.00-1.30pm, Friday 17th March, outside Westpac, 613 Dean St, Albury.