A New Cup

By Halve Waste

I’ve discovered a new reusable cup.  It doesn’t hold hot or cold drinks, nor does it go in the dishwasher.   This cup brings a smile to my face when I walk down this aisle at the supermarket.   No longer do I need to purchase the other two disposable items when I do my groceries.  My next purchase instead will be in ten years and will cost the same as buying a six month supply of the other two single use products.   My smile is because I’m thinking of the benefits, and there are many.   I think of the benefits to family (money saved), the benefits to the environment (the elimination of tonnes of waste sent to landfill from myself alone), but mostly I think of the wonderful benefits I receive; convenience, time saved and the elimination of leakage!

After working up the courage to purchase this reusable product,  I’m so glad I did and there is definitely no going back.  The old way of doing things was expensive; sometimes I’d forget to bring stuff from home so I’d have to go and buy more, sometimes I would discover I needed to use it only to realise that I’d left it in my bag where I was sitting, so I would leave where I was,  go back and get what I needed and try again.   Other times there were leaks.

What is this innovative product you might be asking?  Menstrual cups.   Yep, menstrual cups are a reusable product that works like a tampon,  except it only requires to be emptied morning and night compared to every 3-4 hours,  you have virtually no risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome, they never leak and there are no more uncomfortable smelly pads to wear to bed.   Another benefit is that you can start using it before your period comes (unlike a tampon), so if you’re regular and you know your period is due to come today, you can pop it in before you head out to start your day.   You can also use it for an extra day at the end of your period to avoid any spotting too.

Ladies, it’s time to put yourself first and feel happy that you can make an environmental difference at the same time.   Axe the Tax seems irrelevant now.