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Deepwater Horizon: Beyond the Hollywood Movie

| At work, community, money matters

By Chris Halburd, B Lab Europe Advisory Board Member and Solicitor at Skinner & Associates The advertising for the new film “Deepwater Horizon” got me thinking, not of the event itself but rather of the ideology which is so deeply connected with it. For that I need to go back to 2012 when I was …

A Menu in the Making

| At work, food, health

By Megan Hunt, Health Promotion Coordinator at Gateway Health The Wodonga Healthy Catering Guide is here and ready for you and your workplace to use. The guide is a real menu in the making in taking initiative to encourage healthy eating behaviours in the workplace and in our community. The guide, developed by Healthy Together …

Mums group encourages sustainability

| At home, At work, community

By Cath Newell, Consultant to Sustainability Victoria Top winner of the Premier’s Sustainability Awards in 2015, a group of caring parents known as St Kilda Mums, Geelong Mums and Eureka (Ballarat) Mums, is now encouraging other sustainability groups to enter the 2016 Premier’s Sustainability Awards to celebrate their work. The group was acknowledged last year …

A different way to do business

| At work, community, money matters

By Chris Halburd, B Lab Europe Advisory Board Member and Solicitor at Skinner & Associates In the aftermath of the global financial crisis and with a maturing understanding of the interaction between humanity and the planet there has been a growing acknowledgment that business as usual is no longer a realistic long-term option. This has resulted in …

Getting Around Cities

| At home, At work, energy, fitness, transport

By Sue Brunskill, Teacher, National Environment Centre, and member of Wooragee Landcare I have just had a weekend in Melbourne and my friend and I hired a bike- $45 each for two days hire including helmet and bike chain. We left from the city and rode out to Williamstown on great bike paths along the …

Rethink your reuse and recycling

| At home, At work, energy, food, waste

By Zara Barlow, age 14, Albury As a society we throw away way too many things. Australians produce over eighteen million tonnes of waste every year. On average each Australian discards 330 kilograms of paper, 552 aluminium cans, 118 kilograms of plastic, 74 kilograms metals, 414 kilograms food and 206 glass bottles and jars. So much …

Paper Towel or Electric Hand Dryer – Which is Better?

| At home, At work, energy, health, waste

By Alison Mitchell, Friends of Willow Park and Wodonga Urban Landcare Network

Maybe I’m alone in asking that question, but it does raise a bigger question – how do I know which is the best alternative of any product if I want to live more lightly? 

One tool to help us answer this question …

Waste Not, Want Not

| At home, At work, energy, waste

By Alison Mitchell, Friends of Willow Park and Wodonga Urban Landcare Network

As a child, my mother would say this regularly.  This may not be surprising as she was born in 1930 and so was a toddler during the Great Depression years and endured the shortages associated with the Second World War.  That her …

Change the Dream

| At home, At work, community, health, Living Lightly, nature

By Shae Gillmartin     Shae is a Change the Dream facilitator

Environmental and sustainability issues have been explored, researched and publicised to illustrate it is time to change the impact humans are having on this earth. I feel passionate and inspired by the hard facts to live lightly, consume less, cycle more rather than use the …


| At home, At work, Living Lightly, waste

By Lizette Salmon    Lizette is a member of Transition Towns Albury Wodonga and the convener of WATCH (Wodonga & Albury Towards Climate Health) In a previous life I worked at a hospital in Melbourne where I became very concerned at the huge volumes of paper wasted on site. It was in the days before email …