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Free, clean and safe energy, anyone?

| climate change, energy

By Lauriston Muirhead Coal is mostly carbon (C).  When we burn it for energy, the carbon combines with oxygen (O2) in the air and produces carbon dioxide (CO2). CO2 is very good at absorbing heat – so more CO2 means more energy from the sun is retained in our atmosphere.  This was clearly demonstrated by …

In Search of Lost Fashion

| money matters, waste

By Kirsten Coates As with most people who have spent the last few months isolating from the general public, I could be accused of “letting myself go”. No trips to the hairdresser, no brush with the makeup bag, no accessorising with matching scarves. In other words, my wearable wardrobe has been reduced to two pairs …

Fallen trees bring life to forest

| nature

By Alan Hewett ‘If a tree falls in a forest and no-one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?’ It is a famous philosophical thought but what role does that dead tree really play? We have heard a lot lately about the amount of debris in our forests. Often when walking in …

Malleefowl monitoring – good fun and good exercise

| nature

By Mick Webster Since retiring I’ve participated in many ‘citizen science’ programs all over the world – the best-organised and most satisfying to me has been the Victorian Malleefowl Recovery Program (VMRP). The Malleefowl is an amazing bird that inhabits our semi-arid scrublands from north-west Victoria and  western NSW to the Indian Ocean in Western …

Discover the joys of cycling your city

| climate change, energy, fitness, transport

By James Sloan

Everyone knows bike riding is a great way to get some exercise on the way to somewhere else, be it to work or shopping or (finally) visiting friends.

Millions of commuters across Europe and even America are turning to cycling to avoid crowded public transport or jammed roads …

Change begins at home

| climate change, community

By Chris McGorlick With social restrictions beginning to ease, there is a group gathering whose return I am eagerly awaiting. In February this year, 30 of my neighbours, young and old, responded to a simple letter-box invite to a pot-luck dinner to share thoughts, ideas and feelings about climate change. Over salads, pastries and puddings, …

Science must guide pandemic and climate response

| climate change, community

By Lauriston Muirhead The challenges of COVID19 and climate change are global in scale but also affect all our lives.  The two issues are having, and will continue to have, major effects on our health, our society and our economy.  Since many human lives are at stake in both situations it is important to learn …

Hitting the road, fossil-fuel free

| energy, transport

By Lauren Salathiel

This time last year, my husband and I were setting out from Yackandandah towards Queensland on two bicycles.

The 2000-odd kilometre trip took us over mountains, through storms, down highways and across gravel roads, and by the end of it, we promised ourselves we’d not get back in …

Why the early blossoms?

| climate change, nature

By Lizette Salmon, Wodonga Albury Toward Climate Health (WATCH) and Gardens for Wildlife Albury-Wodonga Project Officer We’ve long associated autumn with leaf fall and spring with blossoms, but this autumn you may have noticed something odd. Several locals spotted unseasonal flowers on pear and apple trees. In most cases it was just a few blossoms, …

I talk to the trees

| community, nature

By John Whale I met Wally early one morning while I was walking around Willow Park, after having moved down to Wodonga, just two and half years ago. I instantly recognised his foliage and we immediately formed a close personal bond because he too had recently moved down from the same region as I had, …