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Climate inequality is right here

| climate change, energy, money matters

By Lauren Salathiel While we were all distracted by the Christmas consumption frenzy, Oxfam released staggering figures that showed that the wealthiest five per cent of Australians – around 1.2 million people – generate more carbon emissions each year than the 11 million inhabitants of the Pacific islands. This is climate inequality on a global …

The secrets behind scientific names

| nature

By Jonathon Howard Scientists don’t all wear white lab coats and have thick glasses like Professor Frink on the Simpsons. We have personalities, honour and respect our colleagues, and have a sense of humour like everyone else. If you don’t believe me – let’s look at how scientists name different plants and animals. Scientific names have …

Keep your eyes peeled for the Crested Shrike-tit

| nature

By Ian Davidson and Chris Tzaros – Wangaratta Landcare & Sustainability With its distinctive Mohawk style crest, black-and-white striped face, and bright-yellow front, the Crested Shrike-tit should be easy to see. Yet, when feeding in the canopy of trees, they are often difficult to find — it is only the sound of them tearing off …

Build with warming climate in mind

| climate change

By Wendy Summer is here again. The days of glorious sunshine are welcomed – until the temperatures get to high 30s and 40s again, and then we will all ache for cool and crank up the air conditioning. But wait – how often and how long is it used for in your house? Have you …

Live lightly this Christmas

| waste

By Gill Baker Eight years ago I sat down with some young friends and we talked and created. Talked about how we could make our Christmas exciting and atmospheric without having to spend a fortune or create a lot of waste. We made decorations, and created small gifts and cards. Little cost, no packaging and …

Farrer and Indi call for Climate Act

| climate change

By Libby Rouse You may have noticed a blue ‘Climate Act Now’ flyer in your letter box lately. But what you may not have noticed is that the world’s climatologists, the International Monetary Fund, the Business Council of Australia, the National Farmers Federation are all calling for action on climate change. There is overwhelming consensus …

Getting a prickly pest under control

| community, nature

By Mick Webster, Friends of Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park Many visitors to the western end of Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park will see scattered clumps of Prickly Pear, an introduced cactus that was a real nuisance many years ago. This is largely controlled now by a species of cochineal beetle, which eats the leaves (technically called …

Hair experiment busts a myth and saves water

| At work

By Melissa Kane Have you ever heard the urban myth that if you don’t wash your hair for six weeks, you will never need to wash it again? Having been a slave to oily hair, which needed to be washed every two days, this myth had always held appeal. For the record, I do choose …

Lawn-mower the next step to cutting out fossil fuels

| climate change

By Matthew Charles-Jones Most of us love the smell of freshly cut lawn and its anchor in memories past. Sun-filled summers with friends, family, backyard cricket, burnt sausages and sunburn. To build new memories, last week I purchased a battery mower. As with any significant change in long-held practice, the purchase came with some ambivalence. …

Ditch the car and lighten the impact

| energy, health, transport

By Chris McGorlick

Getting a driver’s license and a car is a rite of passage of sorts in Australia.

I remember getting mine at 18, and finally having the world (as far as a tank of petrol would take me) at my fingertips.

However, increasingly, I’ve come to see my car …