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An emergency in every sense

| climate change, community

By Lauren Salathiel, Chris McGorlick, Kirsten Coates and Richard Nunn (Yackandandah) We’ve just returned from the National Climate Emergency Summit in Melbourne, a meeting of scientists, citizens, activists, Indigenous leaders, politicians across the spectrum, journalists, students and non-government organisations. The common ground among these people was their recognition of the climate emergency we’re facing …

An early history of climate change science

| climate change

By Lauriston Muirhead Way back in the 1850s American scientist, Eunice Foote, conducted experiments clearly demonstrating the powerful heating effect of CO2.  Her work “Circumstances Affecting the Heat of Sun’s Rays” was published in The American Journal of Science in September 1856. Foote exposed cylinders of the component gases of the atmosphere to the sun …

Wetland wellbeing is our wellbeing

| health, nature

By Jonathon Howard Last weekend was World Wetlands Day. I took the opportunity to canoe down the Murray with my kids. We were lucky enough to spot four platypi before we reached Noreuil Park. Our trip also gave me an opportunity to reflect on the health of our wetlands. Wetlands are important reservoirs of ecosystem resilience …

Water for wildlife in your garden (not just the big ones!)

| At home, garden, nature

By Karen Retra, Wild Pollinator Count Do you provide water for birds and other animals during hot weather? Perhaps a birdbath or shallow dish of water in a shady part of the garden? Don’t forget our insect friends who also appreciate a helping hand. The best way to support flower-feeding insects in your garden is …

Put out the fires with tears

| climate change, community, energy, nature

By Stephen Routledge I cry at the lack of understanding there is for our natural world. The millions of Australians living in our cities; this detachment from country. Fear of the burning bush, fear of being alone, fear of being out of touch with the chat, fear of loosing one’s image, fear of fear itself. …

Overcome anxiety by taking action

| climate change, community, health, nature

By Dr Juliette Milbank

As I sit here at my desk, with the blind down keeping out the heat, I’m feeling what many are probably feeling: a tightness in my chest and throat, a pervasive feeling of worry and uncertainty.

I can forget them sometimes, and I’ll bury myself in a task …

Lighting the spark for climate action

| climate change, community, nature

By Lauren Salathiel The climate science is indisputable and it’s writ large across our skies in smoke and embers. Whether your community has been affected by fire, or choked by smoke, what has become clear this week is that we can no longer afford to watch on as our national leaders fumble with inadequate pseudo-responses …

On the search for garden delights

| garden, nature

By Di Pritchard With summer full on now, drought and fire around us, there is still a way to delight in your garden and connect with other forms of life. Recently I discovered a strange formation on a wind spinner under the grapevine. The culprit is a bird dropping spider whose egg sacks hang like …

Keeping a Christmas tradition alive

| At home, waste

By Chris McGorlick The arrival of a nephew in my family has breathed new energy into our annual family Christmas gathering. His excitement is infectious, and I find myself recalling all the things that I used to love about the yuletide before it became hard work. There was so much to be excited about as …

Sand scarcity drives plastic innovation

| climate change, nature, waste

By Graham Parton Ask a group of well-informed people what the major problems of the world are and chances are climate change is going to be on the list. Plastic pollution might also be there too as we become more aware of just how damaging and extensive this problem is. A much lesser known problem …