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Hair experiment busts a myth and saves water

| At work

By Melissa Kane Have you ever heard the urban myth that if you don’t wash your hair for six weeks, you will never need to wash it again? Having been a slave to oily hair, which needed to be washed every two days, this myth had always held appeal. For the record, I do choose …

Lawn-mower the next step to cutting out fossil fuels

| climate change

By Matthew Charles-Jones Most of us love the smell of freshly cut lawn and its anchor in memories past. Sun-filled summers with friends, family, backyard cricket, burnt sausages and sunburn. To build new memories, last week I purchased a battery mower. As with any significant change in long-held practice, the purchase came with some ambivalence. …

Ditch the car and lighten the impact

| energy, health, transport

By Chris McGorlick

Getting a driver’s license and a car is a rite of passage of sorts in Australia.

I remember getting mine at 18, and finally having the world (as far as a tank of petrol would take me) at my fingertips.

However, increasingly, I’ve come to see my car …

We need the Act now

| climate change

By Lauren Salathiel

There exists a window of historic opportunity right now for Australia to commit to the decarbonisation of its economy and net-zero emissions by 2050, via new federal legislation being introduced to the parliament in early November.

Independent member for Warringah, Zali Steggall, is relaunching her Climate Change Bill on …

A love letter to my rain gauge

| climate change, garden, nature

By Jonathon Howard We’ve been seeing a lot of each other recently and we need to think about taking the next step. I know, my visits have been sporadic, but I want you know you are always on your mind. As I mow the lawn I see you there by the fence post. I know …

What do we know about living in this landscape?

| climate change, nature

By Alan Hewett “They had not lived long enough.” Judge Leonard Stretton made this famous statement in his royal commission report after the 1939 bushfires. He was not referring to the age of those who died but indicated their lack of knowledge about the environment they lived in. The question can still be asked, do …

Vote as if life depends on it. Because it does.

| climate change, community

By Lauren Salathiel In Victoria, local council elections are just around the corner, with voting closing on October 23. Voting for a candidate is about much more than the cliched “roads, rates, rubbish”, though. With climate change the defining issue of this era, this local government election presents us with an opportunity to ensure our …

Live lightly, live better

| climate change

By Tony van Rompaey, Wodonga Albury Towards Climate Health (WATCH) In recent years climate change has had more and more exposure in the media. There are many organisations across the world that are advocating governments to take ‘climate action.’ Despite calls for action, little seems to change and each year carbon emissions continue to rise. …

Leave fossil fuels in the ground

| climate change

By Lauriston Muirhead Australia has made a great deal of money from mining an incredibly useful family of compounds for use locally and for export.  The industry created large numbers of jobs in mining, transport, processing and marketing for example. Unfortunately, solid scientific research indicated significant damage to environmental and human health through many aspects …

Wildlife’s survival depends on us

| garden, nature

By Kirsten Coates My internet yoga teacher conducts her lessons with her dog Benji by her side. I have tried this too but my three-legged dog Lexi just thinks this is time to play and, needless to say, I end up banishing her to another room. Although she is a calming presence in my life, …