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Wangaratta Sustainability Network

The Wangaratta Sustainability Network is a member of the North East Regional Sustainability Alliance (NERSA) currently comprising sustainability groups from Albury/Wodonga, Beechworth, Yackandandah and Benalla. NERSA works to promote sustainability and sharing of information and resources across the North East and beyond.
Wangaratta Sustainability Network has received a Community Grant from the Rural City of Wangaratta. The grant is to establish an Energy Meter Library for the Wangaratta community, for households to measure their home energy use and ultimately to reduce their home energy use.
WSN members regularly attend forums and workshops on sustainability topics and participate in advocacy through letter writing, publicising events and information sharing activities. Links are being developed with other community groups, schools and agencies.
Food Sustainability
The Food Sustainability action group are passionate about growing and eating your own food, as well as buying and eating local produce, understanding food production and distribution and sharing individual and collective knowledge about food sustainability.
Home Energy
The major project for the Home Energy action group, the Energy Meter Library, is supported by a Community Grant from the Rural City of Wangaratta. This project aims to raise awareness of energy use in the home and how households can take simple steps to reduce their energy use and build their energy self-sufficiency over time.
Waste and Recycling (WAGS)
With activities such as swap meets, a recycling directory and ‘keep cups” for individuals and businesses, the WAGS are dedicated to the concept of “refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle” and seek to make this easier for the whole community.
The Publicity/Advocacy action group are busy with WSN logistics, such as our website and email communications, as well as letter writing, meetings and media releases to raise awareness of sustainability issues with politicians, the media and the community.
Water Action Group – ROW – Restoring Our Waterways
ROW works with community groups and water agencies on programs such as Adopt-a-Waterway, Water Week and National Tree Planting Day. The aim is to raise awareness of water issues and offer opportunities for practical restoration of our waterways.

Wangaratta Sustainability Network History
WSN is an independent initiative of local community members with interests in the environment and climate change, including energy, water, resources, transport and food sustainability.