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The art of covid-19 travel

| nature, transport

By Chris McGorlick

As days get longer, wattle blooms, and the thought of spring teases amid the icy grips of winter, I start to feel the need to move. No, not star-jumps. Rather to bust out, throw off the old routine, seek adventure. Usually this would involve seeking a far-flung, distant, or exotic …

Discover the joys of cycling your city

| climate change, energy, fitness, transport

By James Sloan

Everyone knows bike riding is a great way to get some exercise on the way to somewhere else, be it to work or shopping or (finally) visiting friends.

Millions of commuters across Europe and even America are turning to cycling to avoid crowded public transport or jammed roads …

Hitting the road, fossil-fuel free

| energy, transport

By Lauren Salathiel

This time last year, my husband and I were setting out from Yackandandah towards Queensland on two bicycles.

The 2000-odd kilometre trip took us over mountains, through storms, down highways and across gravel roads, and by the end of it, we promised ourselves we’d not get back in …

Sun shines on electric transport

| community, energy, transport

By Matthew Charles-Jones, Totally Renewable Yackandandah Many people across the district are deeply engaged in efforts to use less energy and ‘switch-up’ to reliable, clean and affordable renewable energy. This exploration has led to the consideration of ways we can turn to efficient electric appliances and equipment.  One such opportunity is the rapid emergence of …

Riding and thinking

| fitness, nature, transport

By Sue Brunskill Bike riding holidays are a great way to get a different perspective – you are going at a pace that lets you see and smell and feel your surroundings, but it also gives you time to think. I have recently been on a bike riding holiday in a few European countries and …

Riding towards freedom

| transport, waste

By Chris McGorlick I think I’m becoming a materialist – I’m learning to love my material objects. I recently bought a bike. Let me be clear – I’m no consumerist. I got no thrill from the act of purchasing this bike. In fact, researching and finding a quality used model were excruciating. But as soon …

Driving into the future in electric style

| community, energy, transport

By Andrew Baker With our energy mix shifting away from coal and fossil fuels, and new interest in electric vehicles (EVs), it seems almost inevitable that many of us will transition to the use of electric cars as sustainable transport options for the future. However, during conversations about electric cars there is usually a party …

Mass protests gave Holland its cycle paths

| climate change, community, health, money matters, transport

By Lizette Salmon, StopAdani Albury-Wodonga and Wodonga Albury Toward Climate Health (WATCH) One of the highlights of travelling Europe in my twenties was a bike ride across The Netherlands, the country with the world’s largest number of cyclists and best bike paths. I assumed it had always been king of cycling. Not so, I discovered …

Innovative Housing Forum

| community, energy, health, money matters, transport

By Cheryl Graham, Yackandandah The Yackandandah community is exploring how we can do housing in a radically better way. We want housing that is more affordable, much more energy efficient and builds a wonderfully connected community of residents of all ages and life stages. We want housing that caters for single people, families and the elders …

Online Shopping

| At home, money matters, transport, waste

By Karen Bowley, Wodonga Albury Toward Climate Health (WATCH) and member of Wooragee Landcare Have you done your Christmas shopping yet?  Not long to go.  Will you go shopping in store or online? I don’t usually shop online as I like to see the item in its actual size and shape, but it seems that I am …