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Bringing thrifty back

| At home, money matters, nature, waste

By Melissa Kane I’m bringing thrifty back, which might sound quite presumptuous, but I’ve been using the time during COVID and on the back of Plastic Free July to pause, reflect and examine what going plastic free means for me. Everyone is on their own plastic free journey and I respect that your house means …

Don’t forget the little guys this spring

| At home, garden, nature

By Jonathan Howard

In spring most of us turn our attention to the garden and plants. Some of us might look to plant natives with nectar-producing flowers to attract honeyeaters and wrens in the garden.

This spring, I encourage you to do something different – why not install some insect hotels …

Cat enclosures

| At home, money matters, nature

By Lizette Salmon, Gardens for Wildlife Albury-Wodonga To be purrfectly honest I’ve always been more of a dog person, but having recently visited a dozen cat enclosures, I’m feeling the fuzzies for cats. But first things first. What’s a cat enclosure? Many people think it’s a cage for transporting cats. Wrong. Cat enclosures are outdoor …

Frog chorus

| At home, garden, nature

By John Whale It was the hour before midnight, the moon shone brightly and some very welcome rain, which had been falling since I went to bed had finally stopped. From out of a rain drenched garden, I heard a distinctive voice calling out, or more precisely I should say, I heard a unique creature …

Water for wildlife in your garden (not just the big ones!)

| At home, garden, nature

By Karen Retra, Wild Pollinator Count Do you provide water for birds and other animals during hot weather? Perhaps a birdbath or shallow dish of water in a shady part of the garden? Don’t forget our insect friends who also appreciate a helping hand. The best way to support flower-feeding insects in your garden is …

Keeping a Christmas tradition alive

| At home, waste

By Chris McGorlick The arrival of a nephew in my family has breathed new energy into our annual family Christmas gathering. His excitement is infectious, and I find myself recalling all the things that I used to love about the yuletide before it became hard work. There was so much to be excited about as …

Fallen trees are homes, not hazards

| At home, garden, nature

By Jonathon Howard Isn’t it funny how once you notice something, it has flow-on effects? I live on small farm and a dead tree had fallen across my boundary fence some months ago. While I fixed the fence to prevent my sheep escaping, I’d left the rest of the tree lying there as it was …

A tale of two grapefruit

| At home, community, food

By Graham Parton Recently as an aspiring ethical shopper I faced a choice between two grapefruits on sale at the local food co-op. This is a magnet for the locals who want to support local growers and buy food that is not from “factory farms.” The first grapefruit was from a local farm and was …

Good morning

| At home, At work, food, nature, waste

By Richard Paschke Looks like a nice day today. Time to get up, have a shower, brush teeth and start the car so it warms up. Now gather a few things for the day in the office and into the warm car to drive the few kilometers to work. Plenty of time to pop in …

Make your seafood dinner sustainable this Easter

| At home, food, nature

By Tess Middleton, Fin Free Albury Wodonga How to have an egg-cellent Easter? Eat sustainably of course! This article is your go-to guide for what fish and seafood to feast on this Easter weekend. Picture this – you’re lining up with what feels like 100 other families, all just wanting to get in, order, collect …