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Nature observations for fun and science

| garden, health, nature

By Karen Retra, Wodonga Urban Landcare Network Have you spotted the delightful purple flowers of Hardenbergia recently? It is also known as purple coral pea, false sarsaparilla and happy wanderer, among other names. Hardenbergia typically flowers in our region from mid-winter. Like several other species, some plants seemed to take an ‘early mark’ this year and have …

There’s something better than the old ‘normal’

| community, health, nature

By Chris McGorlick In times of crisis, governments of all persuasions are wont to encourage citizens to focus on the future and the response to the crisis, rather than the circumstances that led us there in the first place. The words ‘now is not the time’ have been used so frequently in response to shootings in America, and …

Love in the time of coronavirus

| health

By Kirsten Coates In times like these we all need inspiration. Unlike climate change, where we are barely noticing all the various canaries in their cages and frogs in their boiling water dying slow but sure deaths, COVID 19 has slapped us in the face. Short of joining an Apocalyptic book group (yes, this is …

Wetland wellbeing is our wellbeing

| health, nature

By Jonathon Howard Last weekend was World Wetlands Day. I took the opportunity to canoe down the Murray with my kids. We were lucky enough to spot four platypi before we reached Noreuil Park. Our trip also gave me an opportunity to reflect on the health of our wetlands. Wetlands are important reservoirs of ecosystem resilience …

Overcome anxiety by taking action

| climate change, community, health, nature

By Dr Juliette Milbank

As I sit here at my desk, with the blind down keeping out the heat, I’m feeling what many are probably feeling: a tightness in my chest and throat, a pervasive feeling of worry and uncertainty.

I can forget them sometimes, and I’ll bury myself in a task …

Be careful what you drink

| health, nature, waste

By Alan Hewett Imagine you are walking through the bush, far from civilisation. It’s a hot day and you stumble onto a creek partly hidden by overhanging trees and flowing majestically over moss covered rocks. You kneel down and take deep, thirst quenching gulps. What could be better than drinking pure water in a pristine environment? Well, …

That which cannot be spoken about

| At home, community, health, waste

By Alan Hewett We don’t speak about it much, going to the toilet that is. We have even developed a lexicon to describe it. We go to the bathroom, the dunny, the john or the loo. The latter expression is particularly interesting. It evolved from the French, “regardez l’eau.” This was shouted by servants in …

Leave no-one behind this World Water Day

| community, health, nature

By Jonathon Howard March 22 is global World Water Day, when we should think about the significance of fresh water and sustainability in managing fresh water resources. This year’s theme is “Leaving no-one behind”. Unfortunately, current water use practices don’t benefit everyone. Globally, 80 percent of the people who must use unsafe and unprotected water sources live in …

The Heat is On!

| At home, At work, climate change, energy, health

By Lauren Salathiel I have a confession to make. This week, I considered bribing my local librarian to allow me to sleep in the library overnight, so hot was my house. Living in an old un-air-conditioned house isn’t too bad for the first two days of a heatwave. But the third is a killer. However, …


| community, garden, health, nature

By Anne Stelling, Facilitator, Wodonga Urban Landcare Network The question common to people in Landcare is how to get people to care about our environment. How can we get our message heard, and more importantly, make the hearer care enough to make a change? How can we share our passion in a way that ignites others? It …