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A love letter to my rain gauge

| climate change, garden, nature

By Jonathon Howard We’ve been seeing a lot of each other recently and we need to think about taking the next step. I know, my visits have been sporadic, but I want you know you are always on your mind. As I mow the lawn I see you there by the fence post. I know …

Wildlife’s survival depends on us

| garden, nature

By Kirsten Coates My internet yoga teacher conducts her lessons with her dog Benji by her side. I have tried this too but my three-legged dog Lexi just thinks this is time to play and, needless to say, I end up banishing her to another room. Although she is a calming presence in my life, …

Don’t forget the little guys this spring

| At home, garden, nature

By Jonathan Howard

In spring most of us turn our attention to the garden and plants. Some of us might look to plant natives with nectar-producing flowers to attract honeyeaters and wrens in the garden.

This spring, I encourage you to do something different – why not install some insect hotels …

Nature observations for fun and science

| garden, health, nature

By Karen Retra, Wodonga Urban Landcare Network Have you spotted the delightful purple flowers of Hardenbergia recently? It is also known as purple coral pea, false sarsaparilla and happy wanderer, among other names. Hardenbergia typically flowers in our region from mid-winter. Like several other species, some plants seemed to take an ‘early mark’ this year and have …

Frog chorus

| At home, garden, nature

By John Whale It was the hour before midnight, the moon shone brightly and some very welcome rain, which had been falling since I went to bed had finally stopped. From out of a rain drenched garden, I heard a distinctive voice calling out, or more precisely I should say, I heard a unique creature …

A garden stocktake

| garden, nature

By Sue Brunskill It may seem insensitive, indulgent or outright rude to talk about gardens when so many people have lost so much, however gardens are much more than a luxury. There is much written about the psychological value of gardens, but they are more important than ever for recovery of our wildlife, given the …

Water for wildlife in your garden (not just the big ones!)

| At home, garden, nature

By Karen Retra, Wild Pollinator Count Do you provide water for birds and other animals during hot weather? Perhaps a birdbath or shallow dish of water in a shady part of the garden? Don’t forget our insect friends who also appreciate a helping hand. The best way to support flower-feeding insects in your garden is …

On the search for garden delights

| garden, nature

By Di Pritchard With summer full on now, drought and fire around us, there is still a way to delight in your garden and connect with other forms of life. Recently I discovered a strange formation on a wind spinner under the grapevine. The culprit is a bird dropping spider whose egg sacks hang like …

Fallen trees are homes, not hazards

| At home, garden, nature

By Jonathon Howard Isn’t it funny how once you notice something, it has flow-on effects? I live on small farm and a dead tree had fallen across my boundary fence some months ago. While I fixed the fence to prevent my sheep escaping, I’d left the rest of the tree lying there as it was …

Fantastic fungi

| garden, nature

By Karen Bowley, Wooragee Landcare and Wodonga Albury Towards Climate Health member I recently attended a workshop on Fungi organised by Wooragee Landcare.  It was given by Alison Pouliot who is not only an amazing photographer but an expert on fungi. In the workshop she helped us identify fungi and told us about how vital fungi …