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Is the End of the World Nigh?

| climate change, community, energy, nature

By Alan Hewitt, Chiltern

Living Lightly articles give an insight into efforts at sustainable living and protecting and preserving our natural environment. They are often inspirational and reflect the mantra, ‘think global, act local’. The battle to save our planet begins in our own backyards but have the world’s problems simply …

Nuclear Not The Answer

| climate change, energy, health, nature

By Alan Hewett, Chiltern ‘Anything but renewables’ seems to be the mantra of the moment. If the continual use of coal for power generation isn’t enough there are calls for a nuclear power industry to be developed. Proponents argue that nuclear power emits low greenhouse emissions and can provide continuous base load power. A nuclear industry …


| At home, energy, garden, money matters, nature

By Lizette Salmon, Albury Wodonga Sustainable Living Festival event officer Are you building, renovating or wanting to live in a more energy efficient home? This weekend, there will be four free events to help you, including a tiny house experience, speed dates with a sustainable building designer, a workshop on sustainable house design and a …

Albury Wodonga Sustainable Living Festival

| At home, At work, community, energy, food, garden, nature, waste

By Jill Croome, Sustainability Coordinator, City of Wodonga Sustainability comes alive this month with more than 30 events over 30 days during the Albury Wodonga Sustainable Living Festival. Now in its fourth year, the festival features an array of activities across a variety of venues, most free of charge. The festival kicks off this …

Saving Energy

| At home, community, energy, money matters, nature, waste

By Lizette Salmon, Sustainable Living Festival event officer So much of what we do is automatic – jump in the car, switch on the air-con, pop clothes in the drier, but such habits hit the hip-pocket and harm the environment. What if we hopped on a bike, flicked on a fan and hung out the washing …

Stop Adani Day of Action

| climate change, community, energy, nature

By Natasha Kronenberg, StopAdani Albury-Wodonga member Do you care about our planet? Have you noticed all the cyclones and floods overseas, and the eighty bushfires in NSW in September? Then you must do all you can to stop one of the world’s biggest new coal mines from getting built. Saturday 7th October is Stop Adani …

What is Permaculture?

| community, energy, food, garden, nature

By Natasha Stafford, permaculturalist, Albury Permaculture is a concept often relegated to the ‘alternative’ area of agriculture. It is thought of as a concept used to apply to some third world country, irrelevant to modern systems. Nothing could be further from the truth. The term ‘permaculture’ or ‘permanent agriculture’ was originally coined by William Mollison, who, …

Golden Yak Award

| At home, community, energy, nature, waste

By Kim McConchie, Totally Renewable Yackandandah (TRY) Committee member Chris Horton & Karen Dods were awarded a Golden Yak by TRY (Totally Renewable Yackandandah) during the Earth Hour festival event, for their commitment to sustainability and renewable energy. You’d think a tornado taking out 300 trees might be a bit of a setback, but for Chris …

No Case For Coal

| climate change, community, energy

By Alan Hewett Since the release of the Finkel report the debate about coal fired power stations has intensified. Putting it plainly, the use of coal in generating electricity is high polluting, uneconomical and harmful to our health. The burning of coal is the single biggest contributor to Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. The average black coal …

Living with Batteries

| At home, climate change, energy, money matters, waste

By David Macilwain, Wodonga Albury Towards Climate Health (WATCH) When people ‘who already had electricity’ began putting solar panels on their roofs, we off-gridders were a bit sceptical. These people weren’t used to skimping a bit to save power, or even at all, and weren’t about to give up on all those juice-guzzling devices we never had. …