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Hitting the road, fossil-fuel free

| energy, transport

By Lauren Salathiel

This time last year, my husband and I were setting out from Yackandandah towards Queensland on two bicycles.

The 2000-odd kilometre trip took us over mountains, through storms, down highways and across gravel roads, and by the end of it, we promised ourselves we’d not get back in …

The positives in change

| climate change, energy

By Dr Juliette Milbank I too attended the National Climate Emergency Summit recently and I found that there was hope, strategy and the shared experience of attending a seminal event and coming away with fuel for the journey. Many sessions were fascinating but the ones I liked were about transitioning to a low-emissions economy. But …

Put out the fires with tears

| climate change, community, energy, nature

By Stephen Routledge I cry at the lack of understanding there is for our natural world. The millions of Australians living in our cities; this detachment from country. Fear of the burning bush, fear of being alone, fear of being out of touch with the chat, fear of loosing one’s image, fear of fear itself. …

Cheers to the ethical choice

| climate change, energy, money matters, nature

By Lauren Salathiel Slurping on strawless drinks in reusable cups at our local pub the other night, a friend fired off what sounded like a riddle. “What do you think is one of the biggest contributors to our individual carbon footprints?” she asked. I like to consider myself to be living a fairly low impact …

Climate crisis makes solar the right choice

| climate change, energy

By Graham Parton In October the 2019 NSW Local Councils Conference debated the question of whether or not they should declare a climate emergency. The “No” case was championed by former Liberal MP Phillip Ruddock, now the Mayor of Hornsby Council, who said he didn’t like “vague statements”. He was joined by Greater Hume Shire …

Sun shines on electric transport

| community, energy, transport

By Matthew Charles-Jones, Totally Renewable Yackandandah Many people across the district are deeply engaged in efforts to use less energy and ‘switch-up’ to reliable, clean and affordable renewable energy. This exploration has led to the consideration of ways we can turn to efficient electric appliances and equipment.  One such opportunity is the rapid emergence of …

Solar hot water

| climate change, energy

By Matthew Charles-Jones, Totally Renewable Yackandandah How good is hot water? Hot running water blissfully punctuates our days, showers, baths and cleaning! In towns across the region, this acknowledgement is jumping to a new level.  Action is underway to reframe the way we generate hot water to; save money, reduce carbon emissions and likely even …

Driving into the future in electric style

| community, energy, transport

By Andrew Baker With our energy mix shifting away from coal and fossil fuels, and new interest in electric vehicles (EVs), it seems almost inevitable that many of us will transition to the use of electric cars as sustainable transport options for the future. However, during conversations about electric cars there is usually a party …

Travelling Sustainably in Japan

| energy, nature, waste

By Julianna Toth The first time I travelled to Japan, I remember being shocked at how much plastic was used on a daily basis – individual fruits wrapped in plastic; pastries placed into plastic bags, then bagged up again in plastic; brand new shoes individually wrapped in plastic bags. Excessive layers of plastic wrapping. There …

The Heat is On!

| At home, At work, climate change, energy, health

By Lauren Salathiel I have a confession to make. This week, I considered bribing my local librarian to allow me to sleep in the library overnight, so hot was my house. Living in an old un-air-conditioned house isn’t too bad for the first two days of a heatwave. But the third is a killer. However, …