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Sharing our Bounty!

| At home, community, food, garden, money matters

By  Sue Slater, Birallee Park Neighbourhood House Many of us plant a zucchini seedling in spring, only to find that we can harvest enough zucchinis to compete with major supermarket growers.  Or how about that lemon tree that reminds us of Nanna’s lemon meringue pie, or the pasta sauce that our Nona used to bottle using home-grown …

Food Excess From Your Garden

| community, food, garden

By Joan Jones,  Trust for Nature Covenanter   Many of us have had bumper crops of fruit and vegetables this year, but what to do with the excess? We’ve made jams, jellies, sauces, relishes and soups. We’ve bottled, dried, pickled and frozen to such an extent the freezer and pantry are full. We’ve loaded up friends and …

Why We Care About Adani

| climate change, community, nature

By Sally Hendy and Jan Hastings, StopAdani Albury-Wodonga The Adani Carmichael coal mine concerns us greatly, so we’re off to a queue-in at Sussan Ley’s office tomorrow and would love you to join us. We live in Albury, so why should we care about a mine in Queensland? We care because we live in a …

Is the End of the World Nigh?

| climate change, community, energy, nature

By Alan Hewitt, Chiltern

Living Lightly articles give an insight into efforts at sustainable living and protecting and preserving our natural environment. They are often inspirational and reflect the mantra, ‘think global, act local’. The battle to save our planet begins in our own backyards but have the world’s problems simply …

Food For Thought

| community, food, garden, nature

By Lauriston Muirhead, Albury Wodonga Towards Climate Health (WATCH) Food Recipe Seed Sunlight Water Soil Air Mix above ingredients gently together in the correct proportions (follow specific instructions on seed packets) in a comfortable place for several weeks.  When ready, harvest, prepare, serve and eat. This old favourite recipe for life has been passed down from …

Christmas Can Be a Magical Time

| At home, community, waste

By Ben Habib, WATCH (Wodonga Albury Towards Climate Health) I like the sense of expectation in the lead-up to Christmas as we wind down the year.  I enjoy the community spirit of this time as we let our hair down at work functions, embrace the joy of the season at carols nights and prepare for the …

Coffee Cup Waste

| At home, At work, community, waste

  By Karen Bowley, Wodonga Albury Toward Climate Health (WATCH) and member of Wooragee Landcare Still looking for Christmas presents?  Read on for a great idea that is not only chic but good for the environment as well. Do you love a coffee?  Most Australians it seems love their coffee so much that over 3 billion …

Our Native Garden Nursery Tour

| community, garden, nature

By Corinne and Jill Dawson for Our Native Garden Nursery Our Native Garden is a not-for-profit, volunteer run native plant nursery dedicated to developing balanced ecosystems. As part of the Albury Wodonga Sustainable Living Festival, Our Native Garden Nursery will be hosting a free tour on Sunday 26 November from 11.00am to 12.30pm, where you …

National Recycling Week 2017

| At home, At work, community, waste

By Penny Collis, Halve Waste We love November! Aside from the much-improved weather (and let’s face it, associated mood), November is when two of our favourite events occur. Between Monday 13th November and Sunday 19th November, National Recycling Week is held and we will be busy hosting tours of the Albury Waste Management Centre and …

Albury Wodonga Sustainable Living Festival

| At home, At work, community, energy, food, garden, nature, waste

By Jill Croome, Sustainability Coordinator, City of Wodonga Sustainability comes alive this month with more than 30 events over 30 days during the Albury Wodonga Sustainable Living Festival. Now in its fourth year, the festival features an array of activities across a variety of venues, most free of charge. The festival kicks off this …