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Discover the joys of cycling your city

| climate change, energy, fitness, transport

By James Sloan

Everyone knows bike riding is a great way to get some exercise on the way to somewhere else, be it to work or shopping or (finally) visiting friends.

Millions of commuters across Europe and even America are turning to cycling to avoid crowded public transport or jammed roads …

Change begins at home

| climate change, community

By Chris McGorlick With social restrictions beginning to ease, there is a group gathering whose return I am eagerly awaiting. In February this year, 30 of my neighbours, young and old, responded to a simple letter-box invite to a pot-luck dinner to share thoughts, ideas and feelings about climate change. Over salads, pastries and puddings, …

Science must guide pandemic and climate response

| climate change, community

By Lauriston Muirhead The challenges of COVID19 and climate change are global in scale but also affect all our lives.  The two issues are having, and will continue to have, major effects on our health, our society and our economy.  Since many human lives are at stake in both situations it is important to learn …

Why the early blossoms?

| climate change, nature

By Lizette Salmon, Wodonga Albury Toward Climate Health (WATCH) and Gardens for Wildlife Albury-Wodonga Project Officer We’ve long associated autumn with leaf fall and spring with blossoms, but this autumn you may have noticed something odd. Several locals spotted unseasonal flowers on pear and apple trees. In most cases it was just a few blossoms, …

We don’t want to return to normal – we want better

| climate change

 By Graham Parton There is of course an upside to this virus and the disruption it brings to our lives. Reports from China indicate that within a few days of their extreme “lock-down” the skies cleared and people blinked under an unfamiliar blue sky. In Venice rivers are running clean as the discharge of industrial …

The Coo-ee call to climate action

| climate change

By Les Langmead I came across this moving photo when I researched my grandfather’s war service in the trenches of France in World War One. During that war, thousands of Australian men marched towards our capital cities to enlist. These men were not conscripts, they were volunteers. The group in this photo started from Wagga …

The positives in change

| climate change, energy

By Dr Juliette Milbank I too attended the National Climate Emergency Summit recently and I found that there was hope, strategy and the shared experience of attending a seminal event and coming away with fuel for the journey. Many sessions were fascinating but the ones I liked were about transitioning to a low-emissions economy. But …

Fleeing from climate danger

| climate change, community

By Alan Hewett and Joan Jones We are climate change refugees. That of course is an exaggeration but has a semblance of truth. My partner and I lived in the Indigo Valley for eighteen years on a 53 hectare property that had a covenant on the title to protect the native vegetation. Although we were …

An emergency in every sense

| climate change, community

By Lauren Salathiel, Chris McGorlick, Kirsten Coates and Richard Nunn (Yackandandah) We’ve just returned from the National Climate Emergency Summit in Melbourne, a meeting of scientists, citizens, activists, Indigenous leaders, politicians across the spectrum, journalists, students and non-government organisations. The common ground among these people was their recognition of the climate emergency we’re facing …

An early history of climate change science

| climate change

By Lauriston Muirhead Way back in the 1850s American scientist, Eunice Foote, conducted experiments clearly demonstrating the powerful heating effect of CO2.  Her work “Circumstances Affecting the Heat of Sun’s Rays” was published in The American Journal of Science in September 1856. Foote exposed cylinders of the component gases of the atmosphere to the sun …